Legal services for small businesses in the Florida Keys
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Client Custom Services

The Hulse Law Office provides custom service packages for our clients, ensuring a personalized experience as your business achieves success. Our most frequently requested services are explained here. Not seeing what you need?

Call us at (305) 890-6472. We will explore additional options and customize your plan.

Aquisitions & Partnerships

You've found the right business and partners for your success. Now you need help with your operating partnership agreements, leases, contracts and employees. Call us: (305) 890-6472.

Business Formation & Startups

S corp. C corp. LLC. Sole proprietor. Partnership. Choosing the right structure for your business is confusing. We will answer your questions to protect revenue and your company.

Trademarks & Copyrights

You drew the logo on a napkin and jotted lyrics on a sales slip. Don't let competitors infringe on your ideas. We will help you protect your company's brand, logos, marketing and intellectual products.

Let Us Support Your Success

Are you ready to explore becoming an entrepreneur? Is your group doing good works? Is it time to protect your creative products? We'll help you make the right decisions.